Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Really feeling it.

I'm sick...oh so sick.  I go from joy at being sick...to OMG how am I going to carry on.  Ultrasound is tomorrow.  I have two plans laid out, one for each outcome. 

Plan A - (No growth, no heartbeat, poor prognosis) - get back to myself ASAP.  I refuse to vomit if the jig is up so loading up on whatever meds I need to will happen immediately.  As soon as said nausea goes have a drink and a coffee not necessarily at the same time.  Maybe a sushi dinner.  Have S.E.X. with DH.  Then Join that gym I've been planning and get a trainer.

Plan B - (Good growth and appropriate HB - still have a hard time seeing this happen) Continue planning to have a baby.  Talk to Doc about nausea meds...just in case I can't deal.  I know that one good US doesn't make a baby but if we have a good US I will be much more inclined to think this might work out and I plan to go forward as if it is.

Putting off the US until this week was both a curse and a joy.  Waiting was hard but I also didn't have to endure the limbo that is pretending cautious optimism after inconclusive or bad results.  I've almost been serene at times.  Especially when I feel like I may lose my lunch.


hardtobehuman said...

Will be thinking of you until we hear the update (and after, either way, of course). Hoping like hell this will be the best Plan B you've ever gone with!

Mrs. Misfits said...

Will be checking like mad tomorrow. Lots of great thoughts from my side of the world.