Monday, May 9, 2011

IVF talk

So I finally called the clinic a couple of weeks ago and turns out I left it so long I have to redo a bunch of tests. Crap Crappity Crap.

Dr did an US last week and I had 9 follicles..not good enough so I will need som pills to improve that before we even think about starting a cycle and in addition she saw a shadow in my uterus. A polyp? Sounds like it. MF!

So we are giving it one more try this month on our own even thought the potential polyp issue from above freaks me out and on day three of next cycle I do all of my day three testing again and schedule my Sonohysterogram between day 6 and 10...then I may be able to fit in a cycle before 4th of July but since my cycles are so random lately we really have no idea.

I'm traveling for a week fourth of July and so if we can't time it right then I will have to wait next cycle which may or may not happen during 4th of July week.

And I may have to have the polyp removed before we can do any of that. I haven't even Dr Googled that because I don't even want to think about it.

So I have no idea when or if I will do IVF.

Also I am doing two presentations this week. Tomorrow and Wed. I feel nauseaus. Can't wait for it to be over.