Monday, June 24, 2013

They never got me pregnant

I just realized something.  All of my pregnancies have been on our own i.e. not while doing fertility treatments and we did a lot of treatments.  I find this very interesting..I wish I knew what the stats are on that and if that's what other women like me experienced...I think that's the opposite of what usually happens to infertiles..right.  Of course everything I do where pregnancy is concerned is fairly opposite of the norm.

Pregnancy symptom talk - Warning...
I finally understand what "nipples full of glass" means.  I've heard others mention it and never quite felt it until now.  I don't mind.  It at least means the progesterone pills are doing their job.
Tummy is good and bad on and off...I hate to admit I wish it was more bad.
Kitty jumped on my side today in bed and I yelled.  It hurt so badly.  She does that all the time and she is a petite little thing so it usually doesn't hurt.  I feel generally achy.
Tired...oh man am I tired.  It was all I could do to get dressed this morning and get to work.  Thank you again progesterone pills.


Augusta said...

interesting observation that your pregnancies have been a result of your own, ahem, efforts and not those of the fertility clinic.
I'm sorry you are feeling tired, with sore boobs and an iffy stomach, but goodness, not that sorry. I'm just so thrilled for you! Bring on the T1 symptoms, I say.

Mrs. Misfits said...

With E, I had zero symptoms until the 7 week mark. Headaches and evening nausea. It wasn't consistent and terrifying. Thinking of you tons. Just overwhelmed and too depressed to write with work right now. More soon.