Friday, February 10, 2012

Bring me what you will?

It's so hard to wait for the world to bring you what it will....and while you wait it's hard to not allow your heart to grow cold with bitterness.

I heard this song today probably for the first time...and it means so much to me. It doesn't matter what's happened... Christina Perri - A Thousand Years.. I'm sure it's speaking of romantic love but the words couldn't mean more to me..How could I love something that was never realized but I do..I think because I can picture it vividly. I can see it clearly and want it so much. I am coming to the painful realization that it really may not be. I thought I understood what this meant many times but I didn't really know...I had so many more options to try and I thought each one would work. Each one was our way out of this nightmare. When you get to the end of those options it's really a different place.

I read some posts today on Stirrup Queens blog about women who do not have children and some mean spirited comments about them having "nothing" and I have to be honest. On a bad day I see into the nothingness. That's not to say that a childless life can't be fulfilling but if all you've been driving towards in your life is a family and all of a sudden it's made very difficult to get there. That nothingness looms. You suddenly have to change tracks mid stride and it's very disconcerting to say the least. I think at this point I've come off the rails. EMS is picking up the pieces. I'm sure I will get back on track again but for right now I am on fire...a mangled piece of metal. Each piece as it's cleaned up uncovering another mess underneath. This track led to so many things that I know, all the way through to graduations and weddings and grandchildren..where do I fit in that now?

Each day I am doing fine until I'm not. I carpool to work with a guy..and today I had a fine day but in the car on the way home I was on the verge of tears all the way, I can't even pinpoint why? It just "came up".

I helped DH clean out the garage over the weekend and found a lunchbox full of alphabet cookie cutters that I had bought...I thought maybe I'd use them to make cookies with nieces or nephews but in reality I saw myself making cookies with my some point in this journey they made it to the garage but now they have to go. I've been purging these things, that I collected without even knowing. Another is a set of freezer pop molds. My mother made them for us when we were little and I bought the exact set for my future children. It pains me to see them.

I on some level understand that adoption may bring me great joy (obviously I see that it would help out a child as well but I discount that because I don't believe one should adopt for purely philanthropic reasons..) but I can not approach the topic with myself or start the process. I am grieving as selfish as it seems intellectually. I am grieving the loss of our children of our legacy. I feel bad even thinking it but I also know it's the truth. I am also grieving the children that died. What else can I call them? Embryo doesn't do the feelings justice, I don't think. So to myself in my thoughts they were my children and they died. Simple and complicated as that. and I am grieving.

Thank you so much for your responses on my last post. I am so deep into this bad place that I can't be sure of my own reactions anymore. The party was lovely but based on your responses I told the "ringleader" to knock it off and that I was really struggling and lo and behold I got what I needed. Lovely times with my lovely friends..they didn't mean anything by it but they have no way of understanding this dark place I'm in. No way to comprehend it except through my eyes. I tried to show a little bit to them and it was met with love thankfully.

Ugh just read back through this and it reads all the bad but to be honest I've had many good moments as well. I planted some veggies last weekend and we've been working on the house. I spent time with friends. Dh and I are more in love than ever. I've been working out I'm up to running 30 minutes at a time. It's not all this dark place. Just in case you worry.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Can you help? Reality check.

Ok..I'm having a really hard time with something - not fertility related and I need a reality check from my online friends.

It's possible I may be over reacting...

How would you feel if your friends were all trying to get one over on you...

So two of my friends were joking around on email and decided to plan a party at my house and not tell's kind of funny. Anyway the one friend did tell me and we all had a laugh and the party is now planned.

But since then, people in the group have been trying to "get me" by sending me an im saying "OMG do you know how many people so and so invited to your house!" and teasing me about what I am going to serve all of these people..and then my husband forwards me an email thread which is miles long with all of these people talking about me freaking out and getting worked up...which until now I have not been..I was going along with the teasing.

Now though I feel really hurt and really bad. It feels like I am being left out and picked on and it feels really mean spirited..

Lately though with everything that's happened I have been more sensitive than usual but is that the case here? How would you feel if your group of friends were doing this to you?