Saturday, October 29, 2011

still no news, but more info on apt

So still radio silence from our Dr office. We did call both the nurse line and the emergency line who said this is not an emergency...I know that but

Anyway - I didn't explain my apt well last night I was so livid when I was typing. This is how it went.

We arrived at 3 me with a full bladder. She proceeded to do the abdominal US which I have to say is it's own brand of torture with a full bladder. All I could think while she was doing it was "when is she going to be fucking done with this and get on to the real part?"

So she asked me to go empty my bladder, I did, came back and she started the transvaginal. So yes, she did do some of it. What's worriesome to us is that she did some measurements and then my bladder was filling again so she made me run across the hall in my paper blanket and pee again. She said she would then finish the exam but when I came back, she was gone. She was gone for several long that I thought maybe I would need to pee again. When she came back she said that she had talked to the Dr and that what she had done already was enough.

That's all we know. DH did not see her measuring HB which he did see very clearly last time and this piece is what has me absolutely devastated.

I realized at about 5am this morning that I have seen notices at my RE's office recently that they are moving. I think the move might have been yesterday. Someone f'd up royally over there. This is completely unacceptable. I don't know if I should continue the progesterone this am. If I needed a D&C it would have been nice to have the option to have it today or yesterday for that matter. WTF?

One thing I know for sure is I am never fucking doing this again. However this turns out, this is my last visit to this place. I thought I was done after the IVF. I am so done now, I need a new word for done.


Oak said...

Jennifer, I am so sorry to read this. I'm not sure that there is anything worse than being disappointed (or wholly neglected) by our doctors in situation's like this. Its completely unacceptable that you would be kept in the dark about your pregnancy. It is your life and it is your body. I would just keep calling the damn emergency line but I'm a pain in people's asses like that.

Augusta said...

Oh, that is horrible. I hate the silence. Let's have it out already, whatever it is. I hope the wait ends soon. No matter what is going on in there, YOU need to know.
Sending you my warmest hugs.

bunny said...

I'm so appalled by this lack of compassion and empathy and you know, basic care. It's complete bullshit...lack of information about what's going on in your OWN body. I kinda like Oak's suggestion. It's not like you need to keep in their good graces since you're not going back... I am still holding onto hope--who knows what the fuck was going on with that exam. I'm going to pray that the quickness was a good sign. Wouldn't they have been super careful and thorough if it was bad news? I don't know sweetie, this is just shitty shitty shitty. I HATE this pain you are having to endure.

not undecided said...

I am delurking to say how angry I am for you at them! Unacceptable is putting it mildly - I don't blame you at all for being furious. You will be in my thoughts and I hope you hear something very soon. Waiting in these early days is hard enough when there's nothing to be known for sure, but to know that you SHOULD know by now is impossible. Give 'em hell when you get the chance!