Friday, October 28, 2011

apt has come and gone

And I know nothing. I am furious with my dr. Dh didn't see the tech measure the hb and she had me go mpty my bladder again to continue and when I got back she was gone. She came back and said she had talked to the dr and what she had done was enough ... now I am waiting in fear and so angry. This isn't news you wait to tell.


Mrs. Misfits said...

I think I would have lost it on the tech. The dildo cam is never optional at this point. I am fretting with you right now as you wait for answers. Infuriating beyond belief. What are they THINKING? Gah. Zen thoughts for you as you wait on this one. And fucking daggers of deep hatred for the people putting you through another limbo waiting period.

cgd said...

I am so confused, did I miss something?? Did they even measure anything? So sorry sweetie

bunny said...

Oh my lord in heaven. Fucking ridiculous. Hoping and praying the "enough" meant all is well.