Friday, October 28, 2011

the post before THE post

Our third ultrasound apt is today at 3pm and it feels like it's been a lifetime since last Thursday.

I haven't been good for much of anything. I've been completely exhausted and basically either working, lying on the couch or sleeping. The house is a complete disaster. DH is doing a lot and I am so happy he's stepped up. I don't feel well but I am hoping that means we will have good news today. Nausea comes and goes but the fatigue just never lets up. I will be reading during the day at work and my eyes will tear up and close because I just can't keep them open one moment longer. I've also started with this new's like right before you realize you are going to pass out and your stomach kind of turns over. It's so hard to describe but I feel it all the time without the passing out thankfully.

I really haven't been freaking out about today's apt. I put a stop to Google searching. I just really needed a break from the what ifs and honestly it helped. I think as much as I want someone to tell me what is going to happen, or to find some piece of evidence that will tell me what is going to happen. No one knows and that's a fact. What also helped is Bunny broadcasting my angst and getting a lot of lovely ladies to come over and give me support. When I realized what was going on I bawled my eyes out at how sweet that was and it was so needed and so appreciated.


bunny said...

I've been checking like a psycho so will now give your blog a rest... Words can't express how hard I am rooting for you. All the love in the world is going out to you guys today.

Mrs. Misfits said...

You have been on my mind this week. I am sending all of my love and warm thoughts for today. The increasing nausea symptoms have to be a good sign. I know the anxiety of these hours, so hang in there and be good to yourself.

JJ said...

Thinking of you and will say a little prayer at 3:00!

Augusta said...

3pm has come and gone, and I just hope it was excellent news that you received and that you are out celebrating. I'm really glad Bunny posted about you and that many women came to encourage you, Jennifer. It's your turn for a happy ending.