Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ugh I hate FB

Just logged on to Facebook, taking a break from the daily grind...to find my beautiful ex coworker was tagged in pics and lo and behold she's pregnant! She had a beautiful wedding not long ago and now things are moving right along as they should... Great. Jealousy rears it's ugly head....yet again.


Mad Hatter said...

OH, ME TOO! If I had a follicle for every time I've gotten sucked into the fb vortex, staring at picture after picture of gorgeous smiling babies or big pregnant bellies...I hate the way fb has become like an eternal Christmas newsletter where people constantly flaunt how fantastic their lives are - look at me, I'm pregnant, look at me, I have a baby, oops, I did it again, now it's twins!!! Grrrrrrr!

Seriously, when I get that way on fb, I just stop going to it for a while and it helps. And I try to remind myself that we all get dealt different cards in this life - and NO ONE gets all the good ones. We don't know what else they're holding in their hand.


cgd said...

Oh i hate that!!! I end up hiding people who post too much about their pregnancies. I have one fb friend who has an icon from babycenter that gives her weekly updates about her baby's size and development. Hide, hide, hide!!!

Lisa said...

ugh! i hate facebook too!!!

Katie said...

Ugh, I am so sorry. Facebook is the devil!

bunny said...

I love Maddy's point about us never knowing what's terribly wrong with other people's lives, but...sometimes that doesn't really help. Facebook seems to be a continual slap in the face. Sorry you got one yesterday.

AmyG said...

My FB network isn't big on the belly shots, for which I'm thankful. It's more the cute kid pics that used to do me in.

What a drag!

I was really moved by your last post. I got to grow up in a loving and predictable environment, but in getting to know those who didn't, I'm always struck by how much work people have to do just to feel well. I'm rooting for you, HARD!

Augusta said...

As my friend said recently,
facebook = shallow end of the pool

I agree with Maddy in that no one puts any of their bad news on fb, because everyone's busy with impression management, just like in social situations. So, eff it. Click off fb and go find an inspiring TED talk.