Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Injecting flesh like disks with strangers.

I spent the afternoon learning how to inject a flesh looking disk with three types of injectables. Two pens and one you mix that just seems like way too much trouble and lots of waste..a new syringe every time and lots of vials, plus I was obsessed with bubbles in the syringe and had to finally my embarassment...if I should worry about these tiny champagne like bubbles(A glass of bubbly sounds so good right now). She of course said not to obsess. FAT CHANCE!

Anyway. I know which one i am leaning towards..if we need to do it(see how I still have crazy hope after all I've been through that tells me to think otherwise) It's the Gonal F. The nurse even said her "Computer People" liked it. Stick a needle on the end, dial it up and POW you're all set.

Now to just get through the next 12 days to see if anythings happening in the old uterus so that maybe I don't have to inject myself at all.."hello"..."sound of crickets"

On another note, chick and chicken (my chickens) are doing really great. They were getting really noisy in the morning. Bad mother that I am :) I had trained them to expect to see me in the morning because when we first got them I was so excited about them I ran out every chance I got. So to stop that I actually sneak out at night after they go up into their house and put a treat(apples, lettuce, etc) down in their pen so that when they get up in the morning they are distracted. Brilliantly it works...unless they hear me in the house. So I have to be super quiet when I get ready :)


egghunt said...

Seriously, you will master the injections in no time.

Oh oh oh! and I hope so bad that those crickets chirping get to eat their words. How amazing would it be to not need IVF after all....

And how cool are your chickens? They just can't wait to see you in the morning, that's so sweet!!

AmyG said...

Too funny about the chicken summons! Awesome!

Oh, I hope you won't need all those needles. But if you do, you're definitely equal to the task.

Augusta said...

Injections? pssssscha. You'll get that down after your first one. It's really worse to think about it than to actually do it.

Love the little chicken story. Thanks for sharing it.

Mad Hatter said...

I've gone from injection-freak-out-madness to being able to inject myself while talking on the phone. (just read my posts on "injections" on my blog - Tuesday, February 9th, 2010 is quite funny looking back on it!) It's crazy how quickly one can become accustomed to it! All of this to say you will be fine. The Gonal F pen is new for me - I just started it from my donation stash. You're right - it's super simple!

It must be so much fun having chickens! Hey, do you follow Pundelina? She has chickens, too - you two would have a lot to talk about! :)


bunny said...

Awww, look at you being such a great mother already! It sounds scary, but these veterans seem to think it's something you get used to quickly. I'll add my hopes that you don't ever need this training to theirs!