Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ping Pong with my thoughts

8DPO....and I've been lobbing the fear over the net all day..It's getting exhausting..I'm afraid I am not pregnant, I'm afraid I am and am going to miscarry again. So I keep trying to picture how I want things to go, not sure if that will help but I keep trying to do it so that my stress level will stay low.

On another note, I contacted a local clinic about a Research trial they are doing...it's free IVF meds and treatment for one cycle. Apparently it's a nationwide trial of a new IVF drug...I guess it can't hurt to check it out. The requirements are long but I meet them all I think. Age range is 35 - 42 which is older than these usually go.

What do you ladies think? If I am qualified for the trial, is this a wise thing to do?

I just think it would give us at least two chances for IVF where right now when we get to that we can only afford one. Doubles our chances.


cgd said...

It sounds worth getting info on the study. I assume it can't hurt, but certainly would want to have all the info to make that choice. Keep us posted, that is pretty ineresting.

bunny said...

An interesting option to have on the table. More chances is certainly attractive, provided they can convince you you're not losing anything. I'm going to go ahead and hope you're already pregnant for keeps right now, as silly as that might seem...

Anonymous said...

The research trial sounds like it could be a great opportunity IF you need it. That is a big IF by the way, I'm still hoping it won't come to that.
I wonder what drug/s they are trialling??? As long as it's not posing a big risk to you to be part of the trial then I would leap at the opportunity. We guinea pig ourselves every day in this business because this whole infertility game is packed with trial and error even under the best circumstances.
As for The Fear, I'm sorry you're fighting with it. It is a really anxious part of the process that you are in right now. Too early to tell either way but not so early that your mind doesn't start thinking of every extreme outcome. Hoping so bad for you. Keep away from Dr Google if you can.