Monday, October 25, 2010

On to the next one

Day 3 started off like any other day...except the getting wanded part.

I peed on another stick. Just for good measure.

Thin lining, no cysts. That thin lining part concerns me. I only had one day of bleeding then nothing yesterday then a slight bit today. That can't be good.

Start Gonal F tonight 150IU

Show up for day 7 US Friday morning.

Wore a mask in the RE office, to keep my stupid cold germs to myself. Felt very gross and contagious. A young woman actually moved away from me when a chair became available. Not that I blame her but it stung a tiny bit.

Meds arrived this morning. Here's a hypothetical. If you were the receptionist at a smallish company and you signed for a box that said "Open immediately, contents require refrigeration" What would you do? A. Throw it in the mailroom with all of the rest of the packages and email the recipient? B. Call the recipient? C. Just throw it in the mailroom and go to lunch not letting anyone know it had arrived?

As you can see the bitterness from Saturday has not gone away. It's lessened but still there, and I expect to have some choice words to throw out when I open up my meds tonight to get started...although with no clear direction to point them in...humpf.


bunny said...

Let's see, I think I'd just throw the package away. Or maybe refuse to sign for it so it got sent back? But seriously, what a dumbo!

I think it was very courteous of you to wear a mask! I'm sorry you got treated like a plague victim.

I feel like you haven't said much about what it feels like to be starting IVF. Maybe I just missed it. Or maybe you don't want to. It just sounds scary to me, so I hope you're hanging in there okay.

Jennifer said...

Hey Bunny! :) I actually am doing an injectable IUI as a lead up to IVF. My Dr. was pretty excited about it - since it gives her a "test run" with the meds. In her words it's better to spend $2,000 getting it right - than to spend $10,000 and not...I on the other hand am terrified we will end up pregnant with multiples and all that brings.. She says that is unlikely given my history...and if I did get pregnant with multiples, the likelihood of them all surviving would be minimal as well given my history. So that's the scoop - I will elaborate on that in a new post to bring everyone up to speed.