Monday, November 1, 2010

Where did they go?

So two of the follicles from Friday have not done anything. So now we are down to two. One 13mm and one 15mm. Humpf. I know I should be happy there are two, but I was really hoping for at least three to give me a better chance.

So another wanding has been scheduled for Wed and then potentially I will trigger then for IUI on Friday. Of course this throws off my whole schedule. SO if this doesn't work - we won't be able to do another injectible cycle next month - I will be out of town CD1 - CD 7 so won't be able to get the US's and bloodwork.

The # of follicles worries me....this is our dry run for IVF and we only have two? I didn't get to ask the Dr about this - so I will put it on the question list for Wed. I am on 150IU..I guess they can bump that up.

*I totally forgot this part. I only have one full dose of Gonal F left and Doc wants me to stim for two more days..So the nurse showed me how to syringe out the partial doses from the four pens to get one more dose. Phew. At first when the Dr told me to keep going I was thinking I was going to have to give myself four shots in one night.


AmyG said...

How frustrating! You're right that two isn't bad, but I can see where three or four would have been a nice boost to your spirits. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. I'll be thinking of you this week during this incredibly tough stretch of your journey.

Anonymous said...

That's so annoying. That happened to me once, too, where I had follies at one appointment and not at the other. Thinking of you, and keeping my fingers crossed for a successful IUI!

cgd said...

I have had this happen as well. I have been told that there is only so much they can see via u/s and that other things may be going on in there. I hope that this IUI is it for you and will be thinking of you as this week progresses.
P.S. Do not worry about this being the ivf dry run, they will change the dose of meds for ivf to get more eggs. I really, really hope that ivf is not needed, though.

bunny said...

BUMMER! I understand your disappointment, too. This ain't fun, so of course you want the best possible shot. I'm glad the IVF vets are reassuring you that this is not indicative of anything. I actually had a kind of crappy response for my last IUI--one, maybe two follicles (whereas previously I had at least two). And hey, now I have a fetus. So don't be discouraged!

Misfits said...

Stressful news. I'm thinking good thoughts for Mr. Wandy's not-so-excellent adventure today. I cannot imagine for one minute the horror of having to stick oneself four times.

I can imagine that the IVF run would have more oomph when it comes to the drug regimen. I am very curious what your doc has to say about that, too.