Saturday, November 6, 2010

Caution TMI at the end of the post!!!

In sharp contrast to how I thought yesterday's IUI would go, it went great. DH and I talked on Thursday night about how we wanted the day to go and what each of us could do to make it happen *it felt very grown up :)*.

It worked! We both got up at 6:30 and I got in the shower while DH went out to the living room to get business done. I thought I would have about 30 minutes to get ready but he was back with his sample in 15! So we drove together to the clinic(so we could use the carpool lane to get there within the alotted hour). I ended up going with wet hair but not a biggy. We did the drop off and went out to breakfast.

No screaming, crying, shame, or blame involved. IT WAS WONDERFUL.

We sat and talked over breakfast avoiding baby talk like the plague. IT's just too much to discuss it now I think. It's all been discussed.

Then we headed back to the clinic for the IUI and again, this time was much different for me. DH came in with me and stayed with me the entire time. We joked and talked and he held my hand. He didn't even flinch when the Dr said "Wow you have great cervical mucus" Blech :) She said it several times and looked at DH and said, "That's really a compliment" It was really funny.

The sum total of all of the above is that I didn't feel like I was going through this alone, finally. So thank goodness that's done and on to the wait.


I am feeling really crappy. My breasts are really sore and I am so bloated and heavy and achy in my abdomen and "down there" and in addition I have gulp...diarrhea which has caused a hemerrhoid to flare up. Yuck. Anyone else have this side effect. The Dr said usually people get constipated..but of course I have to be different. I am not feeling so great. This is much worse than when I used Clomid and the Femara but I am hoping that means that a lot more is going on with this one. I think the copius amounts of Cervical mucus, gross as it is, is a good sign. I start the progesterone on Sunday so that should make all of the above even more fun,I expect I'll be bloated for awhile..


Kim said...

Congrats ona success! So is the abundance of cervical mucus a result of meds, or did you always have it?! I ask because I think I have CM envy, I dont have much at all and worry it's been contributing to the problem all along, although IUI will bypass that issue.

I can't speak to the side effects yet....but remember the BRAT diet (which binds you) bananas, applesauce, rice and toast. :)

Now we wait, hunh?! xoxoxoxoxox

cgd said...

I am so glad that IUI went so smoothly. I totally agree that when you are not alone the experience is completely different.
As for everything else, all I can say is yucky. I imagine that some of this is due to meds, did your RE have any suggestions? I hope the progesterone does not make matters worse for you.
Fingers and toes are staying crossed!!!!

Kelly said...

Other than the physical part at the end of the post, it's so good to hear how everything went. The positivity and hope is really clear through your words. Keeping everything crossed for you!

Jennifer said...

Kim - the CM enhancement is from the meds I am sure. :) On Clomid I had none and thin lining, so it seems like the Gonal F is better for both of those for me. On months where we were not on meds, I tried pre seed. It seemed to be the right stuff but I didn't get pregnant using it either.

bunny said...

Oh wow, how fabulous! Usually we anticipate the worst and we get it! The yucky parts are not so pretty, but I hope they're better by now.