Monday, August 1, 2011

can i go to bed now?

I am so tired..

Apt this morning was good except I thought originally I was going to have er on Thursday but now looks like Saturday which means more of everything.

Also my lining is 6.5. She thinks she might have measured one of my fibroids last time. S till 10 follies ranging from 10 to 18


cgd said...

this is exhausting, right? Wishing you well and hoping for a smooth ride for you until Sat!!! Good luck.

bunny said...

Saturday must feel like a million years away... I hope everything keeps looking good and that your husband is taking care of you and letting you rest as much as possible.

linda said...

10 to 18 is good!! Come on you stragglers!! Catch up already!! Grow! Grow! Grow!!! :)) Looking forward to a fabulous follicle report.