Sunday, August 14, 2011

Really Yucky Oweeeeee

Well today has not been a good day. I spent two hours in urgent care after I almost cut the end of my finger off making a lovely Kale, parm and lemon salad. I was chiffonading and got a little cocky..

The Dr took off the nail to stitch up the nail bed and even with tons of lidocaine(which hurt worse than all of my stim shots combined)..I still FELT EVERYTHING. mofo

Now it throbs.

I hope this stress doesn't hurt the embryo(s) that I hope are safely implanted in my uterus. I feel a lot of guilt right now that this added stress may cause them harm. Just one more thing to worry about. Also the Dr told me to put Polysporin on it when I clean it..and um I just read on Dr Google that it's a class C I don't know what to do. I told him I was potentially pregnant...I mean you think he might have told me class C. He made a point to tell me Lidocaine is class B. I guess I'll be making a crazy call to my RE in the am to see if she thinks I should use it.

Oh and I POAS this afternoon. Yeah..I did that. I feel like a dumb ass. It was faintly positive..I think...ever so faint as to think maybe I might also be losing my mind but I realized after the fact that it could possibly still be trigger. My Beta day is Friday. I'm a dumb ass. I am 6dp3dt or 9dpo. What on earth is wrong with my will power?

I think I better go meditate on the positive if I can ignore the throbbing finger.


linda said...

Faintly positive? Holy crap girl!!! Go and get a beta tomorrow for god's sake!! :))) So excited for you - I hope this is it!!!

b said...

ouchies! sorry to hear about your finger...that sounded incredibly painful. and don't worry -- your fear of taking something that maybe you shouldn't is completely natural. i've been the same; checking packets & then google to make sure that there's no potential harm.

hurry up friday for beta far things are sounding good!

cgd said...

Ouch!!! So sorry for this. I am going to assume that infection is worse then using this medication. Call your RE just to make sure. Try to remember that this stuff happens to other women all the time when they are pregnant or trying to be. This is often hard for me to remember.
I hope the pos is a good sign for you!!! And it is always a good to run things past your RE.
hang in there.

bunny said...

Most important: that salad sounds delicious!

Screw will power, I'm a fan of testing. After all, information won't change the outcome. And this way if you test again, and it's negative, you'll know the trigger is out of your system. And if it's darker...well, we're not supposed to treat these tests as quantitative, but everyone knows, darker is good... SIGH. This must be so damn hard.

EEEEEEEEeeek! I get a little white in the face just reading about that experience. I'm glad you checked out the polysporin. Stupid urgent care doc! Definitely check with your RE.