Sunday, July 31, 2011

I think it's good news

I had my US and Bloodwork yesterday which was day 8 of my cycle day 5 of stims.

I had 10 follicles and an E2 of 909 with a nice lining over 8! The only negative was one follicle was already at 15..and the others ranged from 6 - 12. Most were 8-10. So my RE was happy that I responded but not happy about that leading follice at 15. I go in tomorrow to see how everythings going. She said we may have to sacrifice that follicle which I understood to mean it would grow too large by the time the others catch up - but with 9 others, I have to say I am pleased. I was expecting to A. Be Cancelled. B. Have some other strange problem I hadn't heard of yet. So this was all good to me. I just hope it continues tomorrow.

DH and I went away overnight and I had to do the shots in the hotel rm. It was fine. I did get a little obsessive about germs but I tried to reign it in.

In other news, I AM BLOATED. It's not pretty. I have a rubber band holding my pants together and the only reason I don't have my pajamas on is we have a guy working on some electrical so I felt the need to be more clothed.

The other issue I am having is with fatigue. I could literally lay down and go to sleep right fact I may do that as soon as the electrician leaves. How am I going to get through work next week though...literally eyes closing as I type.

I'll post an update tomorrow. Hurdle 1 down...1M to go.


cgd said...

so glad that things are progressing nicely!!! Yes, that bloating, it totally sucks. Time to pull out the roomy summer dresses I think- all things without real waste bands are your BFF right now.
best of luck to you....

Augusta said...

that sounds very positive! I am very glad to read that your IVF cycle is progressing nicely at this point. I think it's time you be cut some slack, dear woman. I'm keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for you.

bunny said...

Woo Hooo! I am so happy you've got a nice looking set of follicles. It may only take one, but I have to imagine the whole process is way less stressful the more there is to work with. I hope that lead slows down and stays in the game... I'm so sorry about the bloating and exhaustion. I was hoping you'd be that one lucky lady who didn't have to deal with all the crappy side effects. Anyway, keeping my fingers crossed for more good news.

linda said...

Hmm, why sacrifice a good follicle? Why not do a few shots of ganirelex to let the others catch up? (Evil me always wants to tweak a cycle!) You've got a nice set of potential eggs there - hope you get the four you're hoping for!!