Monday, August 8, 2011

And now we wait.

It's done. 4!

We went today for our transfer and we transferred 2 excellent quality already starting to compact embryos, one excellent quality and one poor quality - which my RE said was worth putting in because it would secrete hormones that could help the others. So there you have it 4 eggs fertilized and 4 embryos transferred. Alrighty then. I'm just a little nervous that we could be hit with a multiple pregnancy...just a tiny bit. I mean even if we are my RE says the likelihood of all of them surviving with my history would be slim. That's a sobering thought. I'm glad we put the fourth one in and to be honest I'm glad there are none to be frozen. I don't like the idea of that fourth one dying in the lab..and not having frozen ones means that my next steps are decided for me if this doesn't work out, this is really it.

I honestly had no idea how emotional today would be - I thought it would not be a big deal, but I cried when the embryologist told us we had three excellent embryos. I didn't see that coming. I was really nervous too all last night, and couldn't sleep. I did two back to back meditations to relax my mind.

When the took us back to the OR the embryologist showed us our four little ones in the microscope and I cried again and said something like..."Amazing". And then I was in awe when the DR put them in and on the US there was this flash of my uterus. It was very profound.

Now I wait. I'm feeling very calm.


Mrs. Misfits said...

Holy Fagioli! Everything crossed for this one. Two is wonderful, wonderful news.

bunny said...

Oh Jennifer, I'm so happy and scared and excited! I can totally see (you know, to the extent that anyone who has not gone through IVF possibly could) how you'd be worried about multiples, and I can also totally see (see above caveat) how you'd rather have them all go in now. I so deeply want "next steps" to be pregnancy and motherhood. Please. PLEASE! It sounds totally profound...Sending you lots of love and hope.

Augusta said...

What an amazing day! WOW! I hold so much hope for you, Jennifer. It sounds like this was truly magical.

cgd said...

amazing. good luck to you