Saturday, September 25, 2010

Still Holding

Still negative, the test not me, still waiting.

Fertility earrings deployed and to describe them, they are about two inches tall and are a goddess of some sort - I am not sure what religious belief they are from but they do stand out and are not the usual sort of earrings I would wear. I gave the friend who gave them to me a long look at the time but desperate times and all that ;)

She also gave me a Baby rattle that she bought which has a design on it that summons healing. I've also brought that out, not to "rattle" it but because of what she wrote in the note when she gave it to me. Here's the note below:

"Hey, I got this for you while in the Grand Canyon from a Navajo lady. Ok...I got it for the baby you will have someday. Now that I am reading the slip of paper it says it's a ceremonial healing rattle....So I'm giving it to you (for now). It's a nice sound. Kind of reminds me of a meditation gong and how you're supposed to focus on it and not let your thoughts wander to the negative. This rattle is not supposed to make you feel bad. I only want positive thoughts when you hear or see it. It's a bell to summon good luck and healing. Meditate on current "good" things and be open to many things in better forms! Different forms too. LYMI"

LYMI means Love you mean it.

It's nice to read her positive message when I feel down and can't summon my own. The note, not the rattle is the real gift :) I read it and almost believe that it's true. She's a good friend if you can't tell.

Here's to believing it will happen for all of the ladies who want it and deserve it so badly.


Sarah S said...

here from ICLW.

I am sorry to hear about your negative tests.

What a beautiful gift from you friend, it is great to have people in our lives that can raise our spirits and to offer us a hand up when we are feeling so low.

MK said...

Sorry about the BFN. :(
At least you have a wonderful friend to help you through it. She sounds very special!


Augusta said...

This friends sounds like the real deal. What a beautiful gift and note. Holding on to meaningful objects can help us through hard times. Perhaps the earrings and rattle can be the tangible reminders of how much you are loved. Even in your darkest hour, even when you cannot feel it, you are loved by many. So, in the sadness of what looks like a BFN, remember that you are loved.

Lisa said...

wow...what a beautiful gift from a terrific friend. i'm really sorry about the BFN... but i'm glad you have that note to go to and reflect. i really do hope this happens for you - for all of us :)