Thursday, September 9, 2010

I can get some...Satisfaction

I had my follow up apt after my surgery. It was the strangest but somehow the most satisfying apt that I had and not only for me but for my Dr also. She actually high fived me, a high five with a hand squeeze. :)

The apt also started off kind of strangely. I have been going to the Clinic for about a year now and have only once seen a small child and at that apt the husband took the child for a walk down the block. There are never any babies, or obviously pregnant women. This is a true fertility clinic and all the pregnant ladies "graduate" back to their OB's at the point they are still too early to tell.

SO I walk in, ask the receptionist if I am supposed to have a full bladder or not(I for the life of me could not remember) and then sat down. Immediately a young woman came in with a tiny, tiny baby in a car seat. I was curious...started to think about why she would be here..started to wonder about her story, I mean she's at the fertility clinic so there must be a story. So then my Dr comes out and they hug and chat for a bit and there's some emotion from the woman and from our Dr turns out she is there to show our Dr the fruits of their labor :) in every sense of the word. I teared up but it wasn't from jealousy or sadness but just for the sheer joy of it. As odd as it sounds it was a lovely start to my apt.

Then I went in and got ready for my sonohysterogram to make sure I was all good from the surgery. My Dr did the test and there was some cramping, I think she asked me 100 times if I was ok. Cause that's how she is. Then...and this is the best part...she said "Good Good Good, wonderful!" and the Nurse was taking stills of the US images..then she High fived me! It was so great. It was a "yeah we did it, finally somethings going right and I am really happy for you" high five and a "I think I did a stellar job with the surgery" high five for her.

Then we talked about my options and she said that we should definitely "try" this cycle and if that doesn't work I have a plan for next cycle, an injectable IUI cycle which if that doesn't work at least will tell her how I respond to injectables for an IVF cycle.

So all in all a very satisfying apt. From start to finish.


Augusta said...

Very nice! Appointment with RE + high fives = Happiness!

Sounds like a very productive appointment. I'm glad there is a plan in place for the next few cycles.

Also, glad to hear that the sonohysterogram went well. A week to go until mine. I'll let you know about it.

cgd said...

So glad that everything is good and you are headed in the right direction.
I dream about brining the newborn into my RE office!!! That was a very sweet story.

bunny said...

HURRAH! I usually hate any sign of babies in my clinic, but that truly sounds inspiring. It's so much better than the pictures of "success babies" you sometimes see on the wall, because it's a real live person that wouldn't have existed otherwise. TEAR! Sounds fantastic, and I'm excited to see you move FORWARD.

AmyG said...

AWESOME appointment! Virtual high-five from me too!