Friday, September 17, 2010

Officially Obsessed

Well it's official I am again obsessed with signs and symptoms that I couldn't possibly feel at day 18 especially considering I've probably just ovulated.

1. I have heartburn, (couldn't possibly be the chinese food I had last night)
2. I'm especially tired (couldn't be the long hours and Conference I attended starting on Sunday)
3. Boobs are sore (Happens every month)
4. Tummy is bloated and tight (again, see chinese food above)
5. I have lost my mind and can't focus on anything other than the fact that in a fertile world having intentional sex leads to pregnancy (which is not true anyway...I think it's something like 25% even in the other world)

Humpf. Will spend the next 8 days or so(Dr said I can test at day 26 trying to not obsess while still remembering not to have a cocktail and to take my vitamins.

Also need to get commenting..This really has been a rough week and I am finally caught up enough that I am able to post and perhaps read some posts :)


cgd said...

I hate that we make ourselves to crazy when we are ttc. During an "off" cycle, I notice my period about 24 hours before it arrives, during the "on" cycle I notice about 6 days before its arrival. Nice mind games, right.
Hoping that this is a good sign for you, fingers crossed.

AmyG said...

Ack! Hope you have a nice, relaxing weekend!

egghunt said...

I think being obsessed comes with the territory around here. Along with looking for signs and being endlessly hopeful as well as bitterly miserable.
I hope all your signs lead you towards a healthy bfp. Take care of yourself.