Friday, June 25, 2010

Which came first?

So one of my chickens laid her first egg last night and it is the cutest thing. I ran around the house to show my husband. It's the small things :) that make me happy these days. This particular chicken has also become very friendly, letting me rub her top comb which she seems to love. It's a good thing my husband loves animals too, I sometimes wonder what sort of menagerie we are going to end up with if we don't have a human child.

Only 27 days until my surgery and I really just want to get it over with. I am a little nervous about the recovery. I meet with the Dr a week before the surgery and am already compiling questions for that visit. One of them being "When can we start trying again".

I'm ovulating now and as much as I know we can't try right now and are on a break, it's hard to break the habit of watching for signs and thinking about trying. I wish they could do the surgery now.

It amazes me that I still want to try, I almost can't figure out where this drive comes from in the face of such a negative experience.


bunny said...

You go, little chicken! That is a wonderful sight! Maybe it will be a good sign for things in your own nest, too.

I was able to get an IUI in in the same cycle I had my lap & hysteroscopy, so I'm hoping your doctor will tell you the same. I guess if you have a 28 day cycle the timing won't be right for you to try that month, but I hope you won't lose much time.

cgd said...

I wanted to wish you luck with your surgery. I had a lap for endo in Oct. It was not as bad as I expected. Let me me know if you have any questions.

egghunt said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog :) xx
My heart aches for a time when I can have my own chickens again (except we call them 'chooks' in NZ). I grew up on a farm and used to have about 35 chooks so I know the pride that comes when your gal's produce an egg!
Not long till your surgery now, but I know it is hard to be on a forced break when you feel time is of the essence... that ticking clock is deafening sometimes isn't it?