Friday, June 11, 2010

Dazed and Confused

I went to my IVF Consult and I am more confused than ever, not about IVF that discussion was very thorough. I am confused because at the very end of that apt when I was going to the list of pre testing with my Dr to see what I did and did not need to do, she pulled up my Sonohysterogram and said we had done that in September so would need to do it again if we hadn't just done the HSG mere weeks ago. Then she pulled up the images from said HSG, which I only discuessed on the phone with her - haven't seen her since they came in...and then she said..."Oh, that's not good"

What's not good is that the image showed the inside of my uterus as a Y shape, not a triangle as she explained to me it should be. I may have a septum, or something in there. She called it something which in my shock I didn't write down and now forget what she called it..Now my confusion comes in because I THOUGHT THAT WAS WHAT THE SONOHYSTEROGRAM was for to find anomalies in the uterus.....I am so defeated...She explained that this fibrous tissue at the top of my uterus could explain my miscarriages and the ectopic. Could...again with the coulds..I was so shocked, we talked about surgery to repair it...possibility of scar tissue and infection, possibility that insurance won't cover it..

Dude I didn't even google this as a possibility. She gave me the all clear structurally back in September and this recent HSG was just to check the tubes. I feel some hope popping back in. IS this all it was? IS it easily fixed? Could I bypass IVF altogether? I'm just so angry that this wasn't found sooner.

I like my dr but should I get a second opinion? What would cause her to miss this?


Anonymous said...

I think it stinks that she didn't look at the images before your appointment!! My RE did my HSG himself, & gave me the all clear right away.

I think you should find out if there really is a uterine septum before you go ahead with IVF.

(((HUGS))) I hope you get some answers soon!

Jennifer said...

Thank you! I had a freak out yesterday and am back on track today :)

bunny said...

YIKES! That's pretty shocking, and would really throw me. Maybe she can explain how something like this could just slip through the cracks and make you feel better about her. I'm too lazy to ever get a second opinion, but I guess you have to do whatever gives you greatest peace of mind...