Thursday, June 17, 2010

Waiting and Hoping.

I am all booked in for my Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy. Dr said (on voicemail) while we are under for the H she could also do L and see if she could repair or unblock my tube and then my husband and I could try naturally..instead of go to IVF. I figure get it all done and it will be done but I'm not sure if I want to wait on IVF I want to get this thing going already. It's been too long, I am tired of waiting! :)

I feel more hopeful which in itself is a double edged sword. I have to reign it in a little and remind myself that I am 40. Advanced maternal age so these issues aren't my only hurdles.

I am also a little worried about what they will find when they get in there, I ama closeted hypochondriac, and have had more than one daymare about waking up to find that they have removed my lady parts. That's the part where I scream at my husband..."WHY DID YOU LET THEM DO IT?". So I guess that's something I'll have to really clarify with my Dr that something like that is or is not a soon as I speak to her...I have so many questions.


bunny said...

How cool that there's a possibility of not needing IVF, though I am totally with you on not wanting to wait. What is this "trying naturally"? I also sympathize with your fears about lady part removal, though your doctor should be able to convince you that it's not a possibility! Before my lap, I was shown an awesome video about the procedure. All the women had 70's hair--not reassuring. Maybe you'll get to see it too!

Kelly said...

I'm glad that there are possibilities for you and that you have your procedures scheduled. I don't believe that your doctor would be allowed to do anything beyond what you consented to before surgery, but talk to them about your fears. It will help you feel better (from one closet hypochondriac to another).