Monday, November 7, 2011

It just gets better

Came in to work today, holding it together, getting things done. Coworker stops by, how am I (Boss told everyone I was sick). Short chat. Then he announces, his wife is due in March...Fuck me.

Holding back tears now and wanting to run away.


JJ said...

Oh Jennifer -- that always feels like a big ole punch to the gut. I would just want to throw a big adult tantrum and shout "it's so not fair!". Go ahead and cry -- and don't be ashamed of the tears. Sending lots of thoughts your way!

Mrs. Misfits said...

Stupid coworkers with knife-like comments. You are going to make it through today, even if you have to spit in that guys coffee. Hang in there. Stupid people have no concept that their good news can be painful for others.

Kim said...

Oh gosh! I am so sorry. That was just pouring salt in the wound - I am so sorry :( I if it makes you feel any better the word verification is "gicks" for this post, which stands for "Giant Dicks!"

Kelly said...

This is just awful. I'm so sorry.

bunny said...

STUPID IDIOT CO-WORKER. Really really sorry he exists at all, and especially that he came by to shove a giant knife in your heart and twist it. I hope tomorrow is a little better.

linda said...

I've been away for a bit...but just caught up on things.

Oh f*ck this sucks. :( I wish there was something I (or anyone) could say or do to take the pain away.

Holding you in my thoughts and hoping you can heal past this pain.