Tuesday, November 8, 2011

are you f-ing kidding me?

She's pregnant with #20. Seriously? Did I need this slap in the face with my morning coffee?

I'm really doing pretty well considering. Every day is just harder than I wish it were and yesterday I had some desperate thoughts about wishing I could go back in time to when there was still hope...so I could just feel it a little longer.

If the universe would stop kicking me in the gut with pregnancy announcements I might just be able to get back on my feet.


bunny said...

The part about wishing you could feel hope a little longer is completely heartbreaking. I'm sorry this is so horribly unfair and that you keep getting reminders of just how unfair it is.

not undecided said...

Everything bunny said, seconded. Hugs to you. I know you're stronger than you feel right now, and what you feel is completely justifiable and normal, and lots of us will continue to have the same feelings about OPPs (other people's pregnancies) regardless of our own outcomes. It just seems gross to us when it looks to be so easy for some.