Thursday, September 29, 2011

Still good news

I checked my droid in bed this morning at 4 am and saw the email my Dr sent at 10:41 pm - "The HCG level is showing a very nice rise looks promising ! Beta HCG = 673"

I have my US scheduled for 10/12. How will I pass the time until then?

Weird thing - DH wants me to pee on a stick. It's not that he doesn't believe that I am pregnant..I think he just wants to see a positive one for once. I understand how he feels.


bunny said...

Wrapping you up in a HUGE hug. I am so happy, so damn happy. I hate that they made you hang on all day yesterday, but I hope today you can just focus on being happy, whatever comes next. Your last post about having your hope restored brought tears to my eyes. Please hang on, little one! You have no idea what a wonderful family is waiting for you!

I want you to pee on a stick, too! I can't believe you didn't as soon as you got that first beta!

Mrs. Misfits said...

I say pee on that stick, too. Fantabulous numbers and I can only say that the 10/12 day feels like ages from now. And when you find yourself fretting, swing on by for us to keep you company.

b said...

oh wow...i am so happy for you! and i second the pee on a stick :)

linda said...

yes, yes, yes!! go and poas right now! do it already! :) rejice in seeing a big fat BFP on that damned thing! :-))))

and post a picture of it! :)