Monday, September 26, 2011

I am an urban least for the meantime

So I still have not gotten my period. I stopped using pregnancy tests last week, and email the Dr on Friday to ask her how long I should wait for a period. She scheduled some tests including a pregnancy test as a formality. She suggested that it was likely persistent cysts from the IVF. I wasn't able to go for the blood work over the weekend as we went out of town with friends. So I went this morning. Over the weekend I had a good bit of champagne, ate a bunch of food and did quite a bit of exercise. I have been checking email all day to see if there was an email from my Re and about 20 minutes ago I got an email saying I am pregnant. HCG = 286 and Progesterone = 24. I am in shock. Complete and utter shock. I mean I can't even comprehend what this could mean, I had completely thought this would never happen again. I don't even know what to say. I don't know how far along I could even be. I don't know if the above numbers are good or bad. I know that the last time I tested I got negatives and that was about a week ago with really sensitive tests.

I did everything right for so many cycles. I have to tell you when I read the email I showed it to DH and then burst into tears at what a horrible human being I am to have put all of the crap into my body that I have been. But seriously I had no hope...NO HOPE. and I feel bad about that too.

Is this my baby? OMG is this my baby? How am I going to hold it together through the next few weeks?

Now I am going to Google the above numbers...I don't know if that's a bad thing or a good thing.

What is happening right now, I am seriously in Shock...


Mrs. Mocha said...

Congratulations!!!! How exciting!!! I, for one was a little concerned about you, after the last post. Good luck with everything...and you are not a horrible person. You were operating under the belief that you were not pregnant. Forgive yourself for the drinking and such, and enjoy what you've waited so long to experience!

Mrs. Misfits said...

This is totally bizarre and wonderful. Let me know if you need extra googling help. I think I have the equivalent degree in beta numbers. I want this very much to be your take home baby.

cgd said...

so crazy. Hoping this fertility myth comes true!!! much love to you

bunny said...

HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT! I wonder when the heck you ovulated! Oh sweetie, please please please let this be the amazing ending you so, so deserve. Sending you so many hugs.

Kelly said... crazy!!! Did you call your doctor to ask how he feels about the numbers?

Try not to worry about the last weekend, or the champagne, or anything else. So many women don't know they are pregnant for weeks and do much, much worse.

And, if you aren't able to have hope for now, that's ok. We're all here, having hope for you. (((HUGS)))

AmyG said...


European women don't abstain from alcohol during pregnancy. It's the everyday binge-drinking that harms, not a couple glasses of bubbly. You're a very healthy person; one weekend of indulgences doesn't change that.

I hope, so badly, that the urban legend continues to a happy ending!

AmyG said...

Oh, and if this does turn out to be a viable pregnancy, I think you might owe the universe an apology based on your former post. :-)

linda said...

Holy shit batman! This is just amazing!!! So this is a natural pregnancy after a crash-and-burn IVF cycle? All I know is that you kicked the universe's ass in your last post and I think it listened.

You have got to be in complete shock! OMG...!!!

Thank you universe!!!! :-))))

Augusta said...

Wow! That is beyond fantastic! Now get thee to the RE and command that they do everything in their power to keep that baby in there...because this is your take home baby. I'm really happy for you and so excited. I just want everything to go well for you from now on.