Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weight loss update

So I didn't do any kind of weight loss attempts went out for our anniversary dinner and had full on appetizer, salad, dinner and dessert and I've lost 4 lbs...and I wonder why weight loss is a mystery to me.

Didn't walk yet this week - have been so tired. Have to get back on that train, I want it to be a habit on the off chance I get knocked up I think it will help with keeping me feeling good. I am already overweight and have concerns about that but exercise always makes me look a lot healthier on paper (BP, etc) than I do in person.

I ran a marathon in 2004 in San Francisco...very slowly but during the months of training I lost only five lbs. I went to donate blood around that same time and the woman taking my vitals said I was healthier than she ever imagined looking at me *gee thanks*.

Anyway it's always been a worry that my weight is an issue with fertility even though countless dr's have said that my health stats look like a much thinner woman...still they don't always know everything.

So to make myself feel better, I am going to keep on seeing if I can move that number on the scale. I have been thinking about Adele's posts on her nutritionist...wondering if I should bite the bullet and try something like that.


cgd said...

Good luck with this. I understand what you mean about the mystery that is weight loss. It is great that you are in such amazing shape and you should feel proud of yourself that you have created a strong and fit bodyh (regardless of size). With that said, I know how I hate not fitting into my cute clothes especially when the weight gain is IF related. best of luck to you.

bunny said...

A nutritionist sounds like a great idea. I mean, it couldn't hurt to have another person's input. It can be SO hard to keep to an exercise routine all on your own, let alone dietary restrictions. Anyway, I'm rooting for you!

AmyG said...

I'm so glad your chicken is feeling better. I hope it lasts! And I hope you get what you want weight-wise. It sounds like you're amazingly healthy, but it's always nice to look it too!