Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I can't teach you that

So at work people are always thinking I can just "teach" them how to do what I do, like I just came in and started doing it and it can't possibly be that hard..

I went to college for 4+ years, sat in classes with brutal sexist profs and only males in the class to learn this stuff. If I can't say to you a record, field, tables, sql statement etc and you get what I mean, then I can't teach you how to do what I do...

I didn't even do that well in school. I am a solid B-C student..Almost hated school, would much rather be out doing, working.. but I still can't "show you".

If I were that replaceable I would already be replaced. Let's face it I am not the prettiest or the most outgoing or personable...I am a bit frumpy.

I don't expect a Dr to teach me what they do. I don't expect a chef to "show me" in 10 minutes. A mechanic..nope can't pick that up on the fly. Writer? Nope not that either. I am a Computer Scientist, not a rocket scientist but I still can't condense down what I know into a 10 minute conversation with you at my desk.

So don't get all pissy with me when you can't get it. You do lots of things well, that I will never get either. Let's just leave it at that.

This is my passive aggressive post to someone that will never read it...anyway I feel a little better.

If you can't tell, this is driving me crazy at work. ;)


cgd said...

:( hoping work gets better for you soon.

bunny said...

I gots mad respect for computer scientists, and particularly for people who understand databases. Many of my friends are programmers, and their favorite thing is when people ask them to help with their printer. My printer won't print! Help! Work is annoying. Let's all quit.

AmyG said...

Ugh, how ANNOYING! We all drive, but no one asks auto mechanics to impart all their knowledge in 30 seconds. I gotta say, it's hard to imagine male computer scientists having the same experience.