Thursday, August 19, 2010

Poor little Chick

One of my chickens is sick. She started to walk kind of like a duck hunched down and that evening she was moving a tiny bit and laying down with her wings kind of out to the side. She went to the vet (yes..these are pet chickens) and we were told she has a virus that she should have been vaccinated for when she hatched...I wasn't aware that I needed to ask this question and neither was the friend who bought her for me.

I have one other that I hope doesn't come down with the same thing, but now I am trying to decide what to do with her. I have made a softer spot for her to lay down and put her food and water next to her but I think the kinder thing would be to euthanize her...I just am so reluctant to do it. I hate making these kinds of decisions. Plus I have grown very fond of these two birds...way more fond than one should be of farm animals.

What's troubling (on top of the obvious) is the voice in the back of my head that says...Why me, haven't I been through enough? Now these are animals and I realize that this is a common thing for animals to die but I can't help but feel a little sorry for myself. Why the hell can't I just have my chickens and be in peace and watch them wander around the yard and get my eggs. Why do I have to suffer through another death and feel completely helpless and inefficient yet again.. how's that for feeling sorry for oneself? DH is having the same feelings...which makes me even sadder...what a couple of sad sacks we are. He even said the words "I am sad" which totally threw me. Took him months to even contemplate having a conversation about the pregnancy losses.


cgd said...

:( so sad. I am wishing all of this away for you.

AmyG said...

It IS sad and unfair. Your feelings are completely legitimate. Here's hoping your bird has some good days.

bunny said...

Noooo, not a sick chiken! I'm so sorry! (I've heard this is one of the harder aspects of raising chickens--they are not the sturdiest of birds, but so easy to get attached to.) And I agree that you've been through way too much to have this happen as well, and I'm sorry.

Your poor husband, too. There's something extra heartbreaking about that admission!