Thursday, June 20, 2013

Average results again and I'm not complaining

Our Ultrasound was today and it went fairly well.  It was a little bit early.  I had wanted to wait a few more days but my OB works really limited hours and she still delivers babies so she's strapped for apts.

So what we have is a perfect round gestational sac measuring just about exact for dates 5W6D and a perfect fetal pole measuring 5W6D and a yolk sac.  She thought she saw the flicker of a heartbeat but couldn't be sure.  So our option was to come back next week or wait 2 weeks.  We were having a hard time figuring out a visit date and time because of her limited hours and me having vacation next week for a couple of days so we are now scheduled for July 3 for US #2.  I actually feel really good about it. I'd rather wait and have a definitive answer on July 3 than go in next week and perhaps still be in limbo.

She checked out my progesterone cream and said I could keep using it and double the amount I am using or she could prescribe prometrium.  So at the risk of having to slather my entire body with the natural cream I opted for the cooter pill.  She said she doesn't have any reason to assume I need it but "it can't hurt"  how many times have I heard that statement? :)  The other thing she kept saying was..."well you know, you've been down this road"  which was nice. 

One thing I didn't know and was surprised by is that she'd prefer I not swim in the lake on my vacation...I did think that maybe I should ask but then I thought maybe I was being a hypochondriac.  But she asked us what we were doing on vacation and when we said swimming in the lake she said "Oh, not you.  You can dangle your feet in if you don't have any cuts or blisters, but you can't get all the way in."   Well I guess now I know.

I feel really good.  I think this is the best we could hope for at this stage and I will see what happens next.  There are a lot of milestones in pregnancy and I've many more to come.  Good news is we have a growing intrauterine pregnancy and that's good enough for today.


CoffeeBlue said...

I've been quietly following along for awhile now. And I have to say, I'm so so so happy for this news.

Jen said...

Great news...will keep praying for you. Enjoy your vacation,relax and lavish each day.

not undecided said...

This is wonderful. I am hoping like hell for you, and will be abiding with you while you wait for the next scan. Everything is crossed!

Augusta said...

Jennifer, I'm so sorry to be coming late to this party, but WOW! I had to read it a few times: she's pregnant? SHE"S PREGNANT!!! YEAH!!!
Of course, I'm staying calm in my insane excitement for you. I look forward to future updates.
I think it's very wise to wait for the u/s until a time when things are clearer.

Mrs. Misfits said...

With you, here. I am a fan of the definitive ultrasound. Lots of hope for you.