Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's how much?

I got a call from the pharmacy today about my meds for THE IVF cycle. I mean I knew it was going to be expensive...I had no idea how much of some of the items I would need though and I under estimated by $2,000.

I also recently realized that my Drs Office has been billing everything to my old HMO instead of my new plan even though I called them early in the year to change it. The young woman I talked to ADDED it as a seconary insurance instead of changing it...I don't understand what part of "I am calling to change my insurance information" was confusing.

So I have no idea what I now owe on the US's and tests and procedures I've had so far this year and it boggles my mind that no red flag came up on their

So I am in at least $8K right now possibly more and that doesn't include retrieval and transfer or any of the US's or E tests. None of this is covered by insurance.

I feel ridiculous to be spending this kind of money when I have some ridiculously small chance of actually concieving and a huge chance of miscarrying if I do. I feel downright duped. On the other hand the time is now, there is no other time I am completely out of it..time. So it's now or never and I will run up my credit cards and sneak money out of my savings and hope neither one of us gets laid off.....If I asked S.U.Z.E she would most certainly deny me..

It's hard for me to do this. I never had any money. My Aunt used to send me a box of goodwill clothes and that was my clothes for the year. No allowance no spending money. I got my first job at 14. I worked through college and lived in some questionable apartments with lots of people to make ends meet. I used to clean up the sofa cushions where I worked so I could grab the change out of them... I've spent the better part of my adult life being frugal so that I could feel some sense of safety. I've just gotten my head above water in that respect..and now to be spending this kind of money.. this feels very "unsafe".

I know I should feel good that I am able to do this. That I have the money (in one form or another) but today it doesn't feel just feels sad and desperate (please no one take this to heart - anyone in a similiar situation - this is me talking about me and only me.)

The plan is Estradiol tabs until the 10th(which completely suck...I am so bloated) then add Progesterone, then stop on the 19th. Hopefully to start injections on 7/24, retrieval around 8/4 and transfer 3 - 5 days later. That's the plan and I guess I am sticking to it.

Oh and Blogger...driving me crazy! I just tried to post on another blog and it took me round and round again with the signing in....nearly want to tear my hair out.


Mrs. Misfits said...

I cannot devote enough hate about insurance billing. I am livid that you have to deal with this on top of financial strain. Affording this mentally is rough and I'm wishing some windfall if forgotten stock options.

I am hoping that you can slap some sense into the accounting folks and that this headache goes away. The gamble of the money plus whats at stake is dear on all levels. My thoughts are with you and I'm still here to cheer you on.

cgd said...

ugh that is so annoying and crazy expensive. I am so sorry it is so expensive and that is such an interesting snap shot of your life you gave us, I can really understand more why it feels so hard to part with this hard earned money and security.
P.S. try to down load goggle chrome as your web browser, this will help with the blogger issue. You can get the program on line

bunny said...

Sh******t! What a total sucker punch on top of the terrible stress of this process. I'm so sorry you're having to face all of this. I just want to grab your doctor and tell her (him?) THIS HAS TO WORK! YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW IMPORTANT IT IS! No one should ever have to feel like this--it's just insane that insurance doesn't cover these procedures. And I don't think you should have to feel good about the fact that you can do it--proud, maybe, of how hard you've worked, and how careful you've been, but good? Not so much! Anyway, I as the cycle starts moving things start looking more encouraging. I don't know if you're in the mood for a suggestion, but I would straight up ask my doctor for all the encouraging words he or she had, to carry them around in my heart for the next few weeks. You know, like ask, "If I have a super high chance of miscarrying, why are you taking my money?" so that hopefully he or she will tell you why you have reason to hope. Anyway, sending lots of love in your direction.

Kelly said...

I'm so glad that you caught the insurance issue (even though it's not your job to do so)!! You're right...what part of "changing" insurance is complicated??

You're have to take the plunge and hope for the best (money and all). If you wouldn't, you would always wonder and always regret it.

I really like Bunny's thoughts on talking to the doctor.

I'm keeping everything crossed for you that the rest of this ride is much, much smoother sailing.

Jess said...

Money and insurance issues suck, huh?? You'll make it through. You will! Praying for better times,


AmyG said...

GRRRR! I want to stick my head out the window for a primal scream in solidarity. Here's wishing the best for you!

linda said...

Oh gosh...I had something similar when I cycled with Colum_bia in NY_C. I had two insurance companies, they billed the wrong one, and then they said they were fixing it all but didn't and then sent me to collections. Stay on top of it and make sure they straighten it all out.

IVF meds are outrageously expensive. You can find other ladies leftover meds for a fraction at Well worth investigating. You can get 900iu gon_al_f pens for $250 and up.