Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What the?

So I've had two days now of pink tinged spotting...not even spotting really...if I weren't looking for it I wouldn't notice it on the TP....no flow? I thought the spotting yesterday was the start of it but I guess not.

So of course just to be sure I tested. Another BFN today to add to the other 8.

Based on our BD'ing and a few days after. The earliest earliest I could be is 12dpo and that's if one of the swimmers lived 5 days, I mean that seems unlikely. I didn't chart this month so I don't know when O was. I do know that I should have a BFP at 12dpo.

What on earth. Cyst? I still have terrible back pain and bloating. My stomach keeps making these gassy noises at work that I swear my cubemates can hear. Nothings coming out though although I wish it were maybe I'd feel better :) Lovely I know.

I wish this cycle would just get on with it already.

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bunny said...

Grrrrr. Sometimes even clockwork cycles go crazy, so don't get worried. It's probably just a random fluctuation. (I mean, maybe you'll turn out to be one of those negative at 12dpo, positive at 14dpo girls, which would be awesome!) Also, I'm sorry things have gotten so painful. I super hope that that part is just a fluke and doesn't happen again ever. And your vacillation over IVF sounds totally normal and reasonable. It's a huge deal. Some decisions get made in tiny increments. And you might get all the way to 90% yes before deciding that the final answer is no, and that's okay!