Friday, March 4, 2011

The mom who left her kids and how it makes me feel

I like to think of myself as non judgemental....but I feel a lot of judgement about this article

Am I just delusional about how hard parenting is? Maybe I am. I just can't imagine doing the same.

What do you all think?

Oh and CD1 came so we are reset. My back(and front)pain is gone too, what a relief.

I am calling the clinic to make an apt with the nurse to see what final tests I need to do for IVF and what tests I need to redo now I've let it go so long and to order my meds and just generally figure it out. I moved some money around that we had been putting aside for this or adoption and it pains me a little bit to think about spending it and possibly putting off adoption again if this doesn't pan out..but It looks like we are doing it. Unfortunately I don't feel any relief in it but I feel I need to do it to have closure. I don't know if that's silly or not. Of course there's a small part of me that thinks it might work but the well conditioned negative part is on the look out for all of the pitfalls.


Illanare said...

A little of me agrees with the part of it being accepted that a father can be a part-time parent with no judgements. The rest of me, the I-would-do-and-give-anything-and-all-I-have-to-be-a-mother is being judgemental from here to next week.

Keeping my fingers crossed for your cycle.

linda said...

Wow, I'm not sure what to think of that article either. Her children weren't toddlers so I'm sure they were fine with their father, but I can't help but be divided by thinking she's being selfish/self-centered or that she shouldn't have been a parent in the first place so "good riddance". One of the people that commented said that we wouldn't be so shocked if it were the father that had decided to not be a "custodial parent" and that's probably true. I think we assume all mothers will act like a mama bear with her bear cub and protect them against all things. Perhaps she was never as bonded to her children...or maybe she has some sort of attachment disorder which allowed her this distance? At any rate, definitely interesting.