Saturday, May 12, 2012

No miracles just jet lag

It was just jet lag. I hate to admit this but I actually felt a little bit relieved....I am very conflicted at this point. I think it's mostly because I no longer have the capacity to see a good outcome. I think that means we should really just move on but somehow I can't take myself all the way out of the game. I've been working out quite a bit and seeing some real progress. I may actually wear a tank top this summer. We'll see. :)

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bunny said...

Well shit. I wish it had been a miracle.

I wonder if "moving on" happens in a series of stages like this, rather than one momentous decision. Maybe this is a middle stage between being all the way in the game and being all the way out.

In the meantime, high fives on the fabulous sculpted body!